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Post Ironman Guilt

(I'm just jotting this down, so that 10 years from now, when I come back to this blog, I will remember this, and laugh at how stupid this sounds).

I never would have thought I would feel this way. I sort of imagined I would be happy that it was over with - I expected I would have done well, been happy with my time, and live-on knowing I got my one-and-done Ironman experience out of the way.  I would have suffered enough to know that I didn't ever want to do it again.

Strangely, I never felt like I was suffering. I got lucky in the swim, the bike course was easy, and that set me up for a comfortable run. Apart from some challenges with the weather, the whole thing was a completely pleasant, fun experience. [but isn't that supposed to be the whole idea??!?!?]

A part of me feels like I probably should have gone harder, or faster. Or done a more challenging course. Whenever I'm congratulated about it, I always feel I have to qualify my achievement by saying, "but it was an easy course".

I've even caught myself browsing "Beach to Battleship", "Chesapeakeman" and "Great Floridian" thinking I should do another one soon to capitalize on my training and to try and feel somehow less guilty.