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Awesome ride today. I originally wasn't going to ride this much pre-Esprit, but I was getting worried about it, so today, I went for it. (Rather WE went for it). Guylaine joined me for the first 110km. I'm glad I did this ride because, from around 50km onwards I was starting to feel a bit blah, and I wasn't feeling motivated, the wind was pretty brutal today. I was pretty bummed around 110 km mark and not really wanting to go further, but then I seemed to get my second wind, and I finished the last part off feeling pretty strong, and although I really didn't feel like running a marathon after getting off the bike, I knew I wasn't going to be completely zonked after the ride. In fact, given that I went pretty hard at Saturday's Olympic race and had a brutal ride in the wind the day before, it was overall pretty good.

"Nutrition" practice was good. It wasn't too hot, and I only went through 3 bottles of water. I had a normal breakfast ahead of time. Other food on the bike was: 1xCliff Bar, 2xCliff Shot Blocks, 1xCliff gel. Hamburger and "Lots of Fries" at "The Fryer Truck" in Morrisburg. (Not sure if they will be in Montreal as On-Course nutrition).

Post ride included several "beverages".