The triathlon training blog of Phil Barnes

T-Minus 6 Weeks

6 weeks to go until the big triathlon.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good. Training has been pretty good. I've been able to squeeze in much more than I thought I would be able to. I had originally thought I might be able to only squeeze in 12 hours max per week, but I have been clocking over 16 hours lately. This has given me some good confidence.  I've gotten in some 100K + rides so that is good, although I'm thinking I still need to try a 150+ to 180K ride (and soon). Maybe this holiday Monday?
We took 2 weeks holidays at the end of June / first week of July, and fortunately, we were able to get in a lot of early morning runs and some nice bike rides. The training didn't suffer at all.

Training Highs:
  1. Lots of nice training time with Guylaine (It sure helps that she's training too)
  2. Lots of nice training time with the kids (it's fun to have them bike beside me on the run)
  3. Short course speed is at an all-time best: PB in the weekly 2-15-4 duathlon of 50:36. 
  4. A couple of good open water swim sessions. 3000m + in open water feels nice and relaxed (little energy expenditure compared to a 3000m + masters swim workout)
  5. Nice 53K group bike ride with the CMC club.
  6. Took Andrew to a triathlon, where he dominated and won overall.
  7. Medium distance nutrition practice is good (bike and run)
  8. Tri bike seems dialed in (at least for short/medium rides, may need to widen aero bars for distance rides)
  9. Weather has been fantastic for training. Sometimes very hot and humid, but it hasn't been terrible for training.
  10. Healthy. No illness or injuries.... knock wood!
Training Lows: 
  1. Had a 100K bike ride following a 3800m swim, and it took a long time to feel comfy on the bike.
  2. Was setup to do a nice long early morning ride, but it was raining, and instead of sticking it out, I got fed up and pulled the plug after only 20k.
Training Opportunities:
  1. Still need to do a long bike ride
  2. Still need to do a long run (uggh)
  3. Need to focus more on bike mileage.
  4. Still need to practice nutrition for outings > 4 to 5 hours
  5. Curious about "salt" replacement; haven't felt the need for it yet.

June and July Training Exposed
I'm definitely feeling fit, and despite a recent rash of binge-eating plus indulging in an enjoyment of certain fermented beverages, I've been able to maintain my 'skinny' weight.

Skinny dude.

We've been open water swimming in Cornwall with the Club. There's a 750m loop setup. (I'm actually hoping it's longer than 750m). My 5 loops show a definite trend, but overall approximately 2:00/100m pace for the whole distance. (well actually 2:07 - according to If I can keep that for Esprit, I would be happy. A 1:15:00 swim would be golden (1:57/100 m pace); maybe I can get a draft, or at least benefit from a straight, wave-free swim. 
3750m +/-  Open Water Swim, July 27

And in other news:

I'm signed up for the Olympic Triathlon this Saturday in Ottawa: "The National Capital Tri". It's the first triathlon (outside the Cornwall Triathlon) in a long time. I'm curious to see how I stand at the Olympic distance right now. I did this event in 2005, but fortunately/unfortunately it's not exactly the same course, so I can't compare times - the bike then was 4K short, but the run included (2x) a nasty hill on Vincent Massey. This year, the bike is advertised as exactly 40K. The new run route looks like it should be a lot flatter.

I'm curious to see what my open 5K run time would be right now too. And the Raisin River Foot Race (coming up on August 12) would be an ideal time to "Let 'er Rip", but I don't want to tempt fate too much. Last year, I ended up injuring myself and couldn't run properly for the following month.

The Cornwall Triathlon (August 18) will be 3 weeks out from Esprit, and will be a suitable end to anything remotely related to speed before the big day.