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May training exposed

May Training Exposed
A pretty good month for training. The nicer weather has meant that bike mileage was up considerably over last month.  Short-course "speed" seems to be at an all-time best (8:26 for 500m swim, 21:12 for 5K, 52:14 at the Du, on a 2nd fastest, for me, bike-split). Body weight is down 15 lbs from March and already at my "ideal race weight", 155. Morale seems high. I can't remember a workout in the calendar above, that I was "dreading" or just looking to get it over with. I did tweak something at the Victoria Day chase, but I took several days off from running, and it seemed to sort itself out. Overall I'm in fine spirits.

Ironman Training Sanity Check
As good as I feel about the training, I know I'm somewhat behind compared to typical Ironman plans. At 3 months from Race Day, I should be targeting about 15 to 19 hours per week with the Supercoach workouts. I'm not too worried. I will need to up the bike mileage for June and see if I can get in some 100K+ days.