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It's an awesome day!

Just got back from the pool. I was able to sneak in 1500m. I was going to do a steady 1500, but after 300m I got to thinking I was at a pretty good pace already, so let's see what I can do for a 500m TT.

8:35. Not bad. I'll take that. A nice 1:43/100m pace as per the world's best triathlon calculator.
TriCalc3 Screenshot. Simply the world's best triathlon app (for iPhone, iPod and iPad). Also 100% compatible with all current web browsers.

The 1500 went like this:
500 TT
200 Easy
2 x (Fly-Free-Back-Free-Breast-Free)
100 Easy
8 x 25 Hard on 0:30
50 Easy
1 x (Fly-Free-Back-Free-Breast-Free)

And, as if it couldn't get any better. Tonight is the first week of the weekly duathlons. Hu-Hah! I polished up Lola yesterday. Let the games begin!