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Army Run 2011 - Race Report

Personalized Bib and Dog-Tag Medal.

"It's make it or break it time," I said to Andrew as we crested Pretoria Bridge.

"Well, I'm not taking a break!" grunted my little buddy.

We surged and passed about 30 more people in the blink of an eye. We were starting to see more and more openings in the crowd. We were both in full-out bob-and-weave mode. As we hit the 3K marker, it was clear our mission to go Sub-27 was not going to work out today. Major Dad (me), had made the critical error of starting us way too far back in the crowd.

I honestly didn't think we would get as snarled up as we did. The Army Run, with 8000 5K participants, on a relatively narrow road, is not a race to PB in when you start in the middle! Oh well, we certainly had fun. Most of the time, it seemed we were on our own covert mission to seek an opening and run through it before the crowd collapsed in on it.  We were getting progressively faster as we made our way through the crowd: 6:41, 6:00, 5:30, 5:15, 5:00.

Most of my runs look like the opposite of this - starting fast and ending slow! If this graphs trend continued, we'd have an excellent 10K time!

After slicing and dicing the stats, it appears we started in 3,945th position and Finished: 1,449th. We passed a total of 1,496 runners; and only got passed ourselves by 87. Our final time was 28:17, which turned out to be a PB after-all for Andrew.

The kids really like this run (I think the medals and T-shirts have a lot to do with that). And it is pretty neat to run with so many other people. We stayed and watched some of the half-marathon runners. The weather conditions seemed ideal, and many PBs were set by club members that day for that event.

Guylaine and Laura had a great run together too.