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Defeat is not an option

Defeat is not an option - cheezy as that line is, I was screaming it in my head on my last 800m "speed" interval today. Tuesday is speed day and 5x800 @ 3:31 was on the menu.

#1 @ 3:25, #2 @ 3:11, #3 @ 3:19, #4 @ 3:28, #5 @ 3:37 (ahh close enough - into the wind).

It's been a good rebound week. I missed a long run last Sunday, and completely blew off Monday and Tuesday's run because I was sick, but I rebounded nicely. Wednesday saw a good swim, and easy 5K; Thursday was a good Tempo; Saturday was 4K swim and a little speed after LTR and Sunday saw a good 22k run in two hours (thanks to the CMC ladies).

On the diet side of things... not so good. I haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks out of fear. Snacking is back up to all-time high levels. Emotions Catering has been busy making spring delicacies, and that means taste testing, hold backs, left-overs, and gallons of unused icing and fondant. Easter is going to be tough!