The triathlon training blog of Phil Barnes


Just got back from "Tuesday Speed Workout". I wasn't looking forward to it. 4 x 800m @ 10K Pace (3:31). I Freaking did it: @3:18; 3:36; 3:32; 3:26. #Winning!

Sunday - was supposed to be 10K Race (aka 45:00). I set out to race by myself on my 10th Street race course (doing 2 5K loops). 1K : 4:26 @ 161bpm; 2K : 4:14 @ 164bpm; 3K : 4:24 @ 166bpm ... then I talked myself out of it, and packed it in, jogging the rest of the first 5K and calling it quits. #Losing!

But, it was nice to see about 8 members of the Cycling Club pass me by. #Winning! for them. Made me actually miss cycling.

The last K I jogged in @7:15, and I actually enjoyed it. The air was cool and crisp. The sun was out. I really enjoyed it. I sort of made a deal with myself to try and enjoy running instead of always trying to PB. ...after the Half, I promise to return to running, just for the fun of it. #Winning!

Saturday - Felt sucky in the pool. Deceivingly tough workout, with a bunch of 10x50 from dives. Banged the hell out of my shins getting out. Had to skip a bunch of sets cause I was whupped. #Losing!

LTR - Good day. Good presentation. Nice weather. Good run. #Winning!

Friday - Took the day off work. #Winning! Impromptu 10K @ jogging pace - kids accompanied me on their bikes. 59 minutes and 45 seconds of quality bonding, name-that-tune, Harry Pickle and other childish jibberish. #Winning!

Last Tuesday Speed Workout - skipped it. Due to possible over-use on Sunday. #Losing! (but #Winning for being responsible).

Last Sunday Long Run - Was supposed to be 1:45. Miscalculated route, and ran nearly 2 hours. Tackled a fun and hilly route up Tyotown Road and down Rae Road to Montreal Road. Felt great for the first 95%, then got fed up and walked a bit. #winning for the accomplishment, but #losing because I developed a nagging twinge under my left knee. (fortunately it has worked itself out by now #winning).

So that's the update on the scoreboard. I promise I won't do the #winning thing anymore.