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Emard Bros Lumber 5K, Race Report

I had been dreading this day on the training plan, since I first saw it: 5K Race. Weird to think that I'm training for a fast half-marathon, and I fear a little 5K.  The reasons for being scared: 1) 5K is short enough that I can go 100% for most of it. 2) 100% for most of 5K is very uncomfortable 3) 5K at this point in the plan would be a good barometer of how things are coming together... I wasn't very optimistic.

The day arrived and low and behold, a cold morning with moderate wind, and on top of that, a couple centimeters of fresh snow to just to complicate things.

The race venue, was carefully selected a couple days ago. I'd drive to 10th street. Park at Emards, do about a 200m warm up, and then sprint out 2.5K turn-around, and then head back. It wasn't an organized race... just me, my Garmin, and my virtual training partner.

A hair under 21:00 is my PB for 5K. 21:30 is my "Ok, I did well time". 22:00 is my "I'm happy with that". 22:30 is - "Not bad, you probably went out too fast, or wussed out on the last 'k". 24:59 is my "Dude... you could have done way better."

Given the conditions, and my perceived fitness level, I set the Garmin Virtual training partner to 22:30. I was pretty sure I could handle that. But without the rush of a crowd, or people to hang on to, it was going to be tricky to hold a solid 4:30 pace.

I hit the startline running, and started the timer: Oomph... right into the wind.

1K - 4:44 - "uh oh, feel like crap, why am I doing this????"
2K - 5:04 - "Argh! This one's already in the shitter, I should just give up"
2.5K - turnaround - thank God! But, I'm 362 meters behind my virtual partner. Well, I'll keep going, the wind's at my back, this run is still serving a purpose.
3K - 5:04 - "Jeepers, oh well, wind's at my back, must have been a slow first 500"
4K - "Please be sub 5:00..." - 4:54 - "ok, let's keep it going...."
22:30 - Virtual Trainer starts beeping at me, letting me know I'm behind. "Thanks F--ker"
5K - 24:39 - last k @ 4:53. "Oh god, that hurt."

Okay, back in the car, let's go home, and promise to try and get faster. March 20 is the 10K race.

At least the consolation is that I got first place overall. (the virtual training partner doesn't qualify).