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500 meters

I've started swimming again. Before January, I hadn't (really) swum, since August. And even then, the summer had been just lack-lustre slack-off swimming in the river. Guylaine signed me up for the masters. 3 weeks in, and I am slowly finding my rhythm. Week 1 was a humbling eye-opener. Week 2 was almost getting there, but now by week 3, I've managed to get my stamina up to par.

I'm in a Swim Meet next weekend. In addition to a bunch of 25s and 100s, I'm also due to do an 800. Why the heck not. If nothing else, it will give me a baseline. But, what's my baseline, for the baseline? I decided to do the old 500meter TT today at the pool.  By PB happened to have been set January of last year -> 08:23. That's pie-in-the sky, I really just wanted to be under 9 minutes.

The NavCanada Nav Centre gods shon on me today, with an (almost) empty pool. Flip turns on every lap, and I squeeked in with 08:59.98 (or 1:47/100m as per the world's greatest swim pace calculator).