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Last Chance to buy this Image!

I just received the "Last Chance to buy this image" (before it goes into the Disney Vault) email from the Ottawa Marathon. I won't be buying it. The irony is, I had complete intention of buying the image, hence my pose. It was a significant occasion in my multisport career- the first (and only) marathon completion. I'm about 5 feet from the finish line here. In my mind's eye, my form was spot on, and my arms were raised way above my head in victory.

Funny how 42.2 km of running alter's your mind's perception of things. When I first saw this photo, I thought they captured my arms on the way up... but alas, the video replay confirms, this was as high as they ever got. The other funny thing here, is that my shorts are hanging off my arse. They almost fell off when I got to the finish. That would have been a great photo.