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Triathlon Calculator for iPhone

2 years ago... I was going to create the killer iphone app, and make a billion dollars. I bought the book, downloaded the SDK, solicited ideas, made sketches, prototyped; but, then I got distracted and moved on.

As simple as it is, the "Triathlon Calculator", has turned out to be, quite popular. "When are you going to make it an iphone app?" is a common question. I always figured there was no need to -- if you're on an iPhone, chances are you're connected to the web, why would someone pay 99¢ for something they could already access.

But - when I tried to use it at the Grand Prix Montreal to figure out the Average Lap speed; it became very apparent, that the interface, while simple and obvious on a PC, was terrible when rendered on an iPhone. I was shocked to realize, that it was practically unusable.

So last week, in a caffeine induced session of insomnia, I thumbed out an HTML version of the Tri Calc, "optimized" for iPhone rendering. No, it's not an 'app', but hopefully, it's more useful for iPhone users.

Without  further ado, the link to the mobile version of the Triathlon Calculators: iCalc. (I don't even own an iDevice, so I haven't even tested it. Any feedback would be appreciated - especially, if the up/down buttons even work! - and if it fits properly in the screen.