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Pineapple Roctane

I'm starting to accept the fact that Goos and Gels are going to help me along the way in my Marathon. In 6 years of "multisporting", I've only ever consumed 6 and a half "gels" in total. 4 were bloody awful, 1 was so-so (Apple-Cinnamon Car Boom), but my sixth... actually, not bad at all: Gu Pineapple Roctane.

It was during a hilly 20K run on Saturday, that I "ripped-it" at the 10K mark. Sure enough, it tasted not too bad. I think I actually felt the benefits of it, as I was able to run a steady pace for the remainder of the run.

I've been on a big pineapple kick lately, my thirst for pineapple is somewhat insatiable. I bought 3 of these such Gu-s a few weeks ago. At the risk of never being able to stomach pineapple again, I think I'll bring the remaining 2 of them on the marathon with me.