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Children's Treatment Centre 5K/10K Run

This photo doesn't do justice to how terrible the weather really was

Cool, rainy and breezy? Nope: Cold, torrential downpour and gusting winds. Who on earth would want to run a race in conditions like that? To my surprise, 77 people turned up for my debut as a race director.

The race itself (over in minutes) was the culmination of months worth of preparation: meetings, emails, phone calls, budget deliberations, hard decisions, measuring, remeasuring, remeasuring, remeasuring and measuring yet again.

Despite a few game-day changes on account of the weather, it all seemed to pay off and the race continued without any visible hitches.

Visit the official Children's Treatment Centre Run website for details and results.

The thing that made me happiest, was that most people didn't seem to mind. Once they got over the fact that they were wet, most everyone told me the run was quite enjoyable. A lot of people managed to set PBs too. Go figure.