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32 KM, in the Bank

It was probably the single-most thoughtful Mother's Day present a husband could give a wife. 3 and a half hours of uninterrupted, quality time with her two beautiful children. ...well at least I tried to convince myself that while I was out running my LAST long run of the marathon training plan.

The plan called for 32, but I was planning on doing 36. Based on the 100 pieces of feedback, every experienced marathoner I knew had given me. Until, Saturday morning; when chatting with Cornwall's fastest Marathon Couple. "36!? Who told you that? I've never done more than 32 in training". Good enough for them... Good enough for me! And so 32 was the mark.

And just as well too. I ended up spraining a calf muscle at 16K. I hobbled most of the rest of the way home, wondering if I was doing irreparable damage. I mis-judged my loop, and I was "only" going to get 30K back to home. Do I cut my losses and call it a day at 30K, or do I stretch it to 32? Of course, I stretched it. This was supposed to be the Longest Run Ever. At one point, I was hurting so bad, that I was convinced the marathon wouldn't happen, so I pondered just adding another 10.2 to give me 42.2, just so I could be done with it.

I limped in at 3:17 with a tough 32K in the bank, and iced down the sprain.

A day later, I'm pretty much ok. Amazing what an Ice-pack and a hot shower will do. Only 19K next Sunday. I'll take it easy this week.

Footnote: Gu Chomps are much easier to eat at 6:00 pace vs 4:45. Gu Tri-Berry Gel: not bad.