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The longest run keeps getting longer!

Beer n Tacos: the reward (photo gratuitously lifted off Google Images)

It turned out to be the perfect morning for a run: cool, but not cold; slightly overcast, but not windy. Current and past members of the Joanne Crescent Runners joined a friendly South Stormont crew for an assault on Upper Canada Village. There were 9 or 10 of us in total, with 5 electing for the 30K+ route.

It was 31K and change when it was all said and done. All at a comfortable 6:00 ish average pace, which included a few water breaks, and one stop to water the flowers.
I was pretty pleased with myself. Every step I took after 27K broke my previous distance record.

Nutrition and hydration went well: 3 fuel belt bottles of fruit juice, 1 fuel belt bottle of water, 2 bags of Fruit Chews and 1 Lemon Sublime Gu (note to self, don't buy this one again!).

The best part -- no residual leg soreness on Monday!