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Oh, my aching butt

With the marathon training, I have consciously dropped cycling.

Until Sunday, I hadn't been on my bike since mid-January. That's nearly a four month drought. The longest drought in over 6 years. On Sunday, I mounted my bike, in the Fish Bowl atmosphere of the local mall, to help my buddy Dale, raise money and awareness for Cancer Research.

Dale is embarking on a 17-hour, 400 km trip across the Rocky Mountains in June. Dale was "spinning" for 4 hours. I signed up for 2 hours. Oh, my aching butt! 2 hours after not biking for 4 months is quite the sensation.

Local newspaper coverage.

Because of the spin, Sunday's 29K run didn't happen. I tripled up on Saturday, going 10K, 3K (with LTR group) and another 10K afterward for 23 total instead of 13. This week is a "step-back" week - I only have 21 on Sunday. I'm going to mess up next week's scheduled 32K by racing a half marathon instead. I have 32 on May 9; which I definitely don't want to miss. Maybe I'll even bump it up to 36 after many recommendations. We'll see.

Looking forward for the training to be finished!