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Brooks Ghost 2.2

Brooks Ghost2
I was starting to get a wee bit stressed about my shoes. They're a great fit, light weight, and I really like them; but, my first pair of Brooks Ghost shoes were obviously starting to wear down after 400km. My current pair (of Ghost2s) are at 300 and will certainly be close to 500k after the next couple of weeks of peak training. Forever on my quest for the "ultimate" pair of shoes, I truly thought I found it last year with Brooks - They were cheap ($99) and readily available (Sports Experts). Surely, I would be able to get them at any mall.

Nope. This year, the new version is $149 and NOT available anywhere locally. Crap.

I was in Ottawa yesterday a block and half from the running room. So - I grabbed a new pair. That should last me through the Marathon and the rest of the year.

Next year, the quest begins again.