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Tackling Doubt

I think I've been trying to sabotage my marathon.

At the least, I think I've been laying the foundation for my future excuses.

I can't seem to stop eating and drinking and snacking. Not because I'm hungry, but because I want to. I avoided the scale yesterday. I hit it today tipping in at 168. I'm not trying to impress anyone. But, that, is heavy for me and all the excess is comprised entirely of unhealthy stuff.

I ran 14K on Sunday. It was a bit of a grind. I averaged 6:27 kms. Jeepers, I thought. is that what I am.

Today, I turned a new page: only one bowl of Sugar Crisp (instead of three). I upped the pace on my lunch run, for no reason other than to prove to myself that I could. And I did. (5:12 for 6K)

So here we are at Week 7 of 18. 23K on Sunday. (that will be the longest run of my life to date). I'm taking today as a kind of new beginning - I've got a somewhat renewed enthusiasm. Planning to hit Montreal on the weekend ... new shoes are in the cards.

81 days to go...