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So, Santa dropped off 4 pairs of snowshoes this year...

We've been out a few times so far "trekking" the trails at Grey's Creek. Today, Guylaine met me at lunch for the real test: A RUN.

Running in snowshoes is different. Still fun (well hopefully it will be after a couple of tries). A couple things to note:

1) Make sure you have your foot pushed through the binding good enough, so that your toes are almost touching the webbing at the front - we both endured some wicked calf cramps, until we adjusted this - funny how only an inch of mal-adjustment can really affect you.

2) Don't do what I did - don't wear track pants: you should have slippery wind-pant type material for the snow not to stick to your entire back-length of pant.

I'll give it a go again tomorrow.