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Rats... and old lady soup.

08:35 for 500 meters today in the pool. I couldn't remember what my SB or PB were, I thought I was close. Turns out, 10 seconds away still from the PB. Rats. But, if anything. I'm pretty consistent. I did stop to empty my goggles once, so maybe add a second for that... and I did skip a few flip turns out of courtesy to someone else getting in...

I haven't bitched about the pool in a while. And really, I shouldn't, because I did have half the lane to myself... but:

What is it with old ladies and their body spray!?!?!? The entire shallow end was just awful with a thin skim of old-lady scum.

Quoting the Health Protection and Promotion Act (RRO 1990, Regulation 565, Section 15)

"Every bather shall take a cleansing shower or bath using soap and warm water before entering the deck. "

I don't like swimming in old lady soup!