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Race Report: Montreal Oasis 5K

CMC Labour Day chase was the dress rehearsal for Andrew. Montreal was the The Big Dance. 5K in the streets of Montreal, ending inside the Big-O. Over 13,000 competitors in races from 1K to Marathon. 1800 alone in the 5K.

We had gone up to Montreal the night before and stayed at France's parents' house. We were 4 families. 8 adults, 8 kids: all racing.

Pre-race, Andrew was cool as a cucumber. I was nervous. I had to pee. 1800 other people had too pee too (it seemed). We jumped form one porta-potty line to another. "5-4-3-2-1-Go!" - we were finally inside, when the race started. "Don't worry, we'll be fine". And we were. We emerged just on time to join the slow-moving-starting grid about a minute behind the start. We approached the timing mat. "Beep" and we were off.

The first kilometer is uphill (aparently), but it didn't seem to phase us. We did just fine, getting our groove on. Andrew was weaving and bobbing through the traffic. Anytime someone passed him, he'd surge and re-pass. I started telling him not to worry about it. It wasn't having any effect, so I figured I'd let him do his thing. "Don't worry about me" I said, "I'll always be behind you. You do what you want to do."

"Dad, there's so many people in front of us" he said. "Turn around and take a look" I replied. There were hundreds of people behind us. "You're way in front of all those people!". I think the magnitude of that really hit him. "Cool!"

Our goal for the race was to beat last week's time (of 29:19). I wasn't too sure if that was possible. But I tried to keep him on pace. It was obvious he was running on heart from about 3.8 k on. That's when he saw the 4K banner and thought it was the finish line. "1 more K to go" I said. His response was heart-breaking, but he soldiered on. "OK, I can do this" he said.

We hit the downward slope to the Big-O. "Run down it, don't worry, you won't fall!" He took off, we passed about 30 people on the finish stretch. And then finally our faces on the big screen. The finish line.

We did it! I stopped my watch and couldn't believe it -- 28:30! Andrew smoked his PB by 49 seconds.

I missed the 2K split - but we kept on pace - you can see where he put the jets on for the grand finale

From SportStats (Funny thing is that they didn't have a category for anything under 18.):
770ANDREW BARNES Cornwall1372629:31.428:29.2 5:55 M18-24296/410512/852
771PHIL BARNES Cornwall1372529:31.728:30.4 5:55 M35-3943/79513/852

Andrew thought it was pretty cool that he was on Youtube

All in all, it was a great race day for everyone. Lot's of PB's: Laura for the 1K (beating 695 boys and 707 other girls) and Guylaine in the 10K (top 16% in her category).

And of course, Cupajoe going way-sub 40 on 10K DESPITE having extra cake the night before.