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Wasn't that a party.

So, the Tour is over for this year. The rest of the year will now feature going to bed on time.

Some awesome "hidden" coverage on Twitter this year. Bradley Wiggins is fast emerging as one of my fave riders. With Gems like this:

Cavendish slams Thor in the press, Thor turns around and rides the next stage 80% solo taking all the green jersey points
Thor Husovd, what can I say, after a certain persons comments today, Thor sticks two fingers up in a way that only Thor can. A true Gent
11:05 AM Jul 22nd from mobile web

The day Di Luca gets busted for CERA
Di Luca, what a Wanker! unbelievable
3:21 PM Jul 22nd from mobile web

Morning after hang-over from Post Paris celebrations.
Hung over and tired today, The Jack Daniels was a bad idea
about 1 hour ago from mobile web