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Toronto Festival of Excellence

Pricilla Lopes-Schliep is one serious B.A.M.F

I was putting the laundry away last night around 7, and flipped on the tube. It was on TSN and I heard, "Men's Triathlon" - huh?

It was the Toronto Festival of Excellence, but the "Triathlon" they were plugging was 400m dash + Pole Vault + 110m hurdles. Nonetheless, I was still captivated by the athleticism (and frankly the production quality of the show). It took me nearly 90 minutes to finish the laundry, but I got to watch some seriously awesome stuff.

About 10 guys running the mile in sub-4 minutes (won by a Canadian). TV just does not do justice to how fast a 4 minute mile really is -- it looked like they were just jogging. Hussain Bolt was there, and gave a good show, winning the 100m dash, and being very gracious with the crowd and commentator afterwards. And, in what really amazed me, was the women's hurdles: where Pricilla Lopes-Shliep led Purdita Felicien all the way through the course, nearly stumbling at the end, but taking first place.

It was all pretty cool.