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Getting Chicked, Part deux

Laura can 'Chick' with the best of them
A while ago, I wrote about getting 'chicked'; obviously tongue-in-cheek. Last Saturday, I was proud to attend and watch my wife compete in Emilie's Run - a women's only run. It was actually incredible to watch such a competitive 5K field (winner @ 16:15, and 33 women sub-20). But not only that, it was inspiring to see the groups of women, each participating for their own reasons - but obvious to everyone they all enjoyed a common bond. I'd love to write a race report from the perspective of a spectator - but I'm sure, I wouldn't do it justice. It was a great event for everyone.

After the ladies run, there was a 1K challenge for the kids (open to both boys and girls). Both our kids competed. Laura paced Andrew all the way (without her, he would have blown up after 100meters) - of course he took off on her with 50 meters to go. But Laura can certainly hold her own with big boys. Check her finish sequence here, as she "Chicks" with authority racer #603 - reeling him in and then dropping the hammer. Unfortunately, her chip didn't fire so she doesn't appear in the official results (we're working on that though!)