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Getting Chicked

Riverkeeper 2008
"Getting Chicked" is a strange expression, that I had never heard until I started participating in triathlons. As, there's no official dictionary meaning, I infer it to mean when a guy is being passed by a woman, or beaten by a woman. On the surface, it seems sexist, but I can't help but smile when I say it. Maybe it's the way your cheeks are forced upwards on the "chick" part, and then the little, "td" part at the end makes a funny sound. In any event, I mean no disrepect to my fellow female participants.

The photo sequence here, was shot about 100 meters from the finish line at the Riverkeeper Triathlon in Ottawa. This was about a year ago. Here - immortalized in Pixels - is a guy (me), who appears to be getting seriously "chicked".

The truth is, I was completely blown away by this lady. This entire sequence was probably less than half a second long. What this picture does not show, is that not only did the women start 5 minutes after the men; but, this lady was 100 meters from the finish line, and I was 100 meters away from the 5K turn around; I still had 5K left to run.

Final race times. Me: 2:39 (en route to 54th overall); Her: 2:08 (en route to 3rd overall). According to the final results, I was "chicked" eight times in that race.

The "she" in these pictures, is actually Tenille Hoogland, and according to her blog:
Last weekend I did a local triathlon - Riverkeeper. It was a strong race. I had done a 10km race the day before though so I can’t say that my legs were ready to rock. It was fun though to be out there in the community and doing a triathlon with very little stress. I came first woman and third overall – next time I will try to get the guys too!

Well, fortunately for me, her 10K the day before slowed her down enough, so she could share some pixel space with me.

You have to hand it to her, the look on her face in the last picture appears to be of shear agony. I've only been able to dig deep in the red-zone like that two or three times. And this race appears to have been a fun run for her.