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The Beer Mile

Unfortunately, not permitted under modern-day Beer Mile rules; however still a classic in it's own right: The Stubby
Family commitments in Brockvegas prevent my participation in a race that seems like it was tailor made for me: The Beer Mile.

Twenty or so friends are gathering tomorrow to put it all on the line to see who will be crowned Beer Mile King and Beer Mile Queen of Cornwall.

To paraphrase the rules:
1) Drink a beer
2) Run 400 meters
3) Drink a beer
4) Run 400 meters
5) Drink a beer
6) Run 400 meters
7) Drink a beer
8) Run 400 meters
9) Don't get sick.

Official rules and details here are found here.

World Record holder: Canadian Jim Finlayson. 5 minutes and 9 seconds.