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Pretoria Bridge in the Summer
I'm at the Ottawa office today, and given that I've re-committed to training, that means a lunch time run. There's a nice little route from the office along the Rideau Canal, "the Pretoria Bridge" loop. Approximately 5km, door-to-door.

The weather was gorgeous. 12 degrees and sunny. I was way overdressed in long-sleeves and tights. In fact, I may have been the only runner without shorts on.

One thing that always amazes me about running in Ottawa, is the number of other runners. I decided to count them today. 93. I passed by 93 other runners in 28 minutes and that doesn't even count the walkers, power-walkers, roller-bladers and cyclists (or the two ladies in 20 meters in front of me the whole way). That's 199 runners per hour pace. Pretty neat.