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Run, Fatboy, Run

Fatboy's gear spread here and there

Enough already! No more excuses. It's time to re-get serious about "training". I signed up for the Olympic Triathlon in Cornwall and I've got some work ahead of me if I plan on finishing in the top 100.

Sure the toe was sensitive, but last night I threw caution to the wind, popped an Advil, got suited up and and headed out. The plan was to run a "Conservative" 6K. But then something happened, 20 meters into the run, my "manhood" took away all reason, and my legs found a gear that had been lost for over 3 months. I was running fast - it felt fast anyways. Could I keep it up?

I wasn't sure what my pace was. I was Garminized, but instantaneous pace readouts are completely unreliable. I'd have to wait for the first kilometer split. My heart was pounding in anticipation... <garmin>"belip"</garmin> 4:48. I'd half expected 6:10, but no, I was moving. I smiled and then grimaced, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep this up. I made the left turn down Second Street, and sure enough, the wind greated me. <garmin>"belip"</garmin> 4:53.

Ok, slowing down, but two sub 5-minute k's and I had my challenge. Run the whole thing under 5' pace. <garmin>"belip"</garmin> 5:06. Ratz. Reality setting in. Chest pounding. No way I can keep this up. I'm rounding Concorde. "Look strong past Rob and Val's" I tell myself. "Run, Fatboy, Run!"; back onto Second Street, wind at my back <garmin>"belip"</garmin> 4:43. I am cooked. No way I keep this up for 2 more kilometers. I make a deal with myself to call it quits at 5 and walk home via the "short-way".

Run, Fatboy, Run - over and over again in my head. The last stretch up Anthony Street. An incline not in my favour. When will this damn thing ever beep. Face is pounding... <garmin>"belip"</garmin> 4:51. [Phew! 24:21 Total Time] I slow to a walk, and instantly I feel the retribution my calfs have in mind for me. Uh oh, this is going to be bad in the morning. But-- the toe is fine.

I make the turn for home and then switch into a casual jog (just in case anyone sees me of course).

So, there we have it. The begining of the re-begining. It took about 2 hours for the deep purple to dissipate from my face. I'll take it a lot easier next time.But sometimes, you've just got to dust off the cobwebs with a sledgehammer.

PS: I even got attacked by a dog at 2.1 K; I'm back!