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Race Day eve

My first attempt at a 10K road race tomorrow: Run to End-MS. I've run 5K, half-marathon, various triathlons, but never a 10K road race. I did a 10K cross-country once, it was fun; I've done 10K personal 'time-trials'; but never a 'let-er-rip' 10K full out adrenaline pumper.

I'm lucky to be able to run this, given that I thought I was going to lose my foot only 12 weeks ago. Up until this week, I was actually contemplating the half again this year (I've done this half, twice before). I wouldn't be racing it per-se, but I thought I'd give it a try; alas, I realise I'm not nearly in shape for that; and I'd be spent for Monday's Du and next week's race in Brockville.

So what's my plan? I usually like to pick a finish time, and gun for it. I'd like to say 45 minutes. That was my goal for last year -- but I never ended up racing a 10K. My PB (set at a personal time-trial) is 46:19, which was about 4 years ago. I think that's a bit of pipe-dream right now. I'll be lucky to go sub-48. I think my plan will be to keep it at 4:30 pace, until it hurts too much; and then hope I have enough in the tank to cruise on fumes for the rest of the way. It's going to take some serious restraint at the start line.