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D.F.L. But happy to be back.

My first duathlon of the year tonight. 2K Run + 15K Bike + 4K Run.

1K2KT1 Bike T2 1K 2K 3K 4K Total
4:17 4:32 0:45 30:15 (29.8 km/hr) 0:29 4:45 5:31 5:46 5:08 1:01:30

First really hot day of the year 30* and semi-humid. Strong headwind on first half of the bike. Rear disk felt a little squirrely with the wind; but my first ride with the H3 and it felt nice and smooth. It even made a nice little helicopter sound.

I've got some serious work ahead of me, if I plan on besting last year's PB of 51:34. (And just so that I don't use this excuse in the future... for the record Saturday's 10K had no bearing on tonight's outcome.)