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Bike Maintenance for Dummies

Kate, my 2004 KHS Flite 320
A new toy arrived yesterday, from Mountain Equipment Coop. An "Ultimate BRS-50R Bike Repair Stand". An early birthday present from Guylaine. I picked it online based solely on description and user-reviews. It was a gamble, but so far I'm very happy. It is definitely solid; it was easy to assemble; it is definitely portable (folds right back up); it has a good grip; and it can rotate your bike 360 degrees without problem (imagine my shock at how dirty Kate's bottom bracket was!)

I get the feeling that a bike repair stand is one of those things, you never thought you'd need, but once you have one you never understand how you managed before.

I didn't have time for a complete spring tune-up, but I did replace my bar tape (note: Bontrager tape doesn't come with nearly enough sticky tape for the end); I re-positioned my shifter (which was bent inwards almost all of last season after an early season wipe-out); I also degreased and re-waxed my chain (note: still loving the SRAM chain I got last year, with the "Golden Link").