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100 Runs in 100 Days update:
Still not officially in. Still hedging my bets. Missed 2 days so far (19 for 21). BUT - I did dance pretty much all night long New Years Eve... and my last 2 runs were 1 hour duration. Maybe I'll do a couple of 2-a-days. I'll see what I feel like after 30 days. I have a weird inside left foot "twingy" feeling - but that may be from either Wii-ing, or New Year's Eve antics. It doesn't seem to affect the running.

2009 Goals:
Goal #1: I'm officially throwing my hat into the Ottawa Marathon (although, we'll have to race back immediately after the race to make Laura's confirmation). Not sure why, but I'm putting a 4-hour goal down. All the fancy calculators tell me this is conservative, but never running more than 2 hours in a row has me a tad concerned. (Especially when I know how fed up I can get after 2 hours of running).

Goal #2: I'd like to say, to get down to 155lbs for the Marathon. I'm currently sitting @ 166.8 - after some hearty holiday indulging. It's gonna take some serious discipline - I like sweets too much.

Multisport Goals: None really - Definitely nothing longer than an Oly (if that).

Other Goals: I'd like to give Cyclocross a try. Although I don't like getting cold, wet or dirty - so this may be a challenge.