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100 runs in 100 days

All around the world, a collection of crazy Mofos are undertaking the 100 day challenge. That is, to run 100 times in 100 days.

The start date was December 15. On that day, I made sure I ran. I had not committed to the challenge, but I didn't want to dismiss it from day 1. On day 2, I ran. On day 3, I was away on business travel and ended up being delayed at the airport with my coworkers... I did not run, I drank hydrated. On day 4, as hung over as I was, I managed to find a way to run. Today I ran.

So far, I have run 4 times in 5 days. I can make up the missing run if I do a "two-a-day".

I'm still not officially in, but I'm keeping the door open.

I don't know why this challenge starts December 15 and runs through a) the worst weather of the year and b) the worst time of the year for partying. I'm already planning on not being in any shape to run on January 1st, so I will definitely need to double-up again somewhere.

There are "levels" of achievement too, you can slack your way to bronze-level status: 70 runs in 100 days: which is still a lot.

It's a silly challenge, and I shouldn't do it. I'm probably going to get hurt. I'll definitely get sick of running at the very least. It's a bad time of the year - on top of that, someone I know who did it last year confessed that it ended up causing her to peak too early for the spring racing season anyways.

So with that said, I suppose I'm hedging my bets and preparing for the Tin level: 50 runs in 100 days; or the paper level: 25 runs in 100 days.

In other news: Terry Matthews, the billionaire, (or Sir Terrance to Her Majesty) was on my flight back to Ottawa. An all-economy class Porter airlines budget regular route flight. I don't know why I think that's weird, but I do. Good for him - take that Big Three.