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New Shoes... Just Did It

I just bought the Nike+ Pegasus 25 SE (Special Edition). I broke down. I had been needing a new pair of shoes for a while. I wasn't over-the-moon with my last couple of shoes (Saucony Grid, Adidas Adistar). I need a neutral shoe. The last 2 times I bought shoes, I had tried the Pegasus on in the store, and it never seemed as nice as the other two.

Secretly, I've been wanting the Pegasus to be my shoe - for only one reason - it's available just about anywhere (Walmart even) - and it's (relatively) cheap. I'm not pro Nike by any stretch - but I'm getting lazier and lazier in my old age, and buying new shoes is becoming a hassle.

The first run - 5K on the treadmill - meh. I was dissapointed. I have this same feeling everytime I try a new shoe - somehow, I'm convinced there's a magic shoe out there for me to discover that will instantly improve my form and shave 25% off my running pace.

The second run - 8K outside - yes, I bit the bullet, and wore them outside, thereby committing to a 500K, non-refundable relationship with them - a bit better. Actually, I'm not sure if it was because it was cold out (minus 10), or if I wanted the shoes to be faster, but our pace was 15-20 seconds faster than usual.

At least the kids think the shoes look funky.