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A tough evening at the duathlon last night.

I started off ok. The bike was going fine, until I decided to go into my big chain ring - except I was already in my big chain ring - and the chain went flying. A quick recovery, but I couldn't get my feet clipped back in for a while. Finally made it into transition, and went out for the last run. Pretty good up to the 1km mark, and then the whole weekend came crashing down on me [Napoleons Pizza from 3AM Saturday morning; need I say more]. I jogged the rest of the loop for a season's worst 55:50 finish.

Nonetheless, it was still fun. It always is.

I've been teetering on signing up for the Montreal Triathlon in 2 weeks. I've been putting it off. I made a deal with myself last night that if I broke 53 minutes, I would sign up. But the truth is, my race fitness has gone down the tubes since the Cornwall Triathlon. ...and that's fine. So, I will be a DNS for Montreal (or more appropriately, Did Not Register).

It looks like the season will be winding down. I'd still like to do a 10K race in October, and of course, there's still the weekly dus and the club Fun-Du. But the guilty feelings about raiding the pantry will be gone for now, as I can enjoy a bit of an 'off-season'.

I'm thinking about something big for next year. It looks like I've got 263 days and 23 hours to get ready for it.