The triathlon training blog of Phil Barnes

To Do:

5 sleeps 'till 1st race. A mental check list of things still to do.
  1. Get wetsuit ready
  2. Coordinate shared ride to site
  3. Put Yankz in shoes
  4. Decide which goggles to wear - and fix them
  5. Decide what to wear
  6. Find AeroBottle stuff and install
  7. Decide what to trim, cut, shave or wax
  8. Go for an outdoor bike ride to test Lola
  9. Decide if I'm leaving shoes on the bike for T1
  10. Tape vents on helmet
  11. Figure out race-day nutrition/hydration (before and during)
  12. Assemble the rest of the stuff
  13. Do a practice swim on Friday
  14. Get more fit
  15. Lose some weight