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Call me Crazy

I'm going to wear my 2005 Asics Gel 1100s on Saturday for the race. They have over 600 km of running and racing on them. These shoes have been my lawn mowing and bumming around the back-yard shoes for 2 years now. They were once bright, brilliant white, and are now filthy dark gray. There is little sole on them... but boy do they have Soul.

These were my all-time favourite shoes. I had my most successful racing year (2005) in them. I learned a lot on these shoes.

They are light and comfortable, and they have Yankz.

I tested them for a lunch time run today, and blazed sub 5 minute k's without even trying.

These shoes will accompany me from T2 to the finish line on Saturday!

(picture from a post in February 2007)