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You really did it to yourself this time.

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I went for an easy 5K run at lunch today. I haven't been able to get out for a couple of days. After 50 meters, I knew it wouldn't be a 5K run.

You see, as you know, my right leg is a half inch shorter than my left, and I've been wearing a heel lift for about 6 months now, with fantastic success. And a couple of weeks ago, I bought new shoes (Saucony something-or-others), and they fit fine and feel great... and I even broke them in gently. Except, that there was this one time two weeks ago when I went out for my long run, and I forgot to transfer my heel lift.

Well, I realized this 100 meters into the Sunday run. But, being a guy, my brain was left in "Park", and I decided to "let it slide" (instead of turning around, and getting the little plastic thingerberbobber for my shoe). And, I'm running, and it's all "sunshine and lollipops" until about 5K where my right calf is starting to feel tight(because now, it's being forced to expand and contract 1/2 inch more than it has for the past 6 months). But I soldier on and I finish my run, pat myself on the back, and go about the day, with some relatively sincere discomfort in my right calf.

The rest of the week, leading up to the half-marathon, it's not feeling great. So I take it easy. I even enjoy a 5K "jog".

Fast forward to last Saturday, the half-marathon, where I give it all I've got. Probably going out a bit too fast at the start, ignoring the screaming demons in my calf, only to have it all catch up to me immediately following the race. Several torturous calf-massaging sessions ensued over the next couple of days.

Maybe it's all healed? I strapped on the old shoes today, with heel lift in place, in an attempt to reclaim my manhood. It didn't work. I toughed it out to a 1.5K turnaround, and limped home. Tears of pain streamed down my face.

Does time heal all wounds? Hand me the remote. Where's the fast-forward button?