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I, hypocrite

I had planned on running today at lunch. The cold, rain did not look appealing. I watched TV instead.

Funny, how I'm better at giving out advice. An email thread with Guylaine two days ago...

Hi Phil,

Did you talk to the person about the treadmill - see if you could get a
cheaper price for that part?

I wish it was working because it won't be much fun running outside today with the rain and all the puddles of water? Any suggestions? Do I skip it or just suck it up and do it?




Treadmill: I had to leave a message. She will be calling me back at 2:30.

Workout: Do NOT skip it. Tough it out. Try not to run in the puddles. But - embrace the opportunity to run in damp weather - it may be damp on race day!!!!



You are absolutely right. Thanks for the advice.

I love the part where I use all caps on Do NOT