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First Ride with Lola

I did my first real ride with Lola on Wednesday night. An out-and-back to Hamilton Island. This trip features a slightly rolling 10.5 k stretch [Glen Walter to Hamilton Island] along the Mighty St. Lawrence River that is directly into the wind one way or the other. Rarely is there no wind. I recorded my fastest time out. A 38.0 km/hr split. I couldn't believe it. When I turned around, I found out why. The Wind. My ride back was a tad slower.

To take the wind out of the equation, let's look at the harmonic mean of the out-and-back, and compare with other rides.

31-May-07 12-Jun-07 31-Jul-07 23-Apr-08
Out 31.7 29.5 35.0 38.0
Back 35.7 35.1 27.2 26.9
Harmonic Mean 33.6 32.1 30.6 31.5

Not bad. Not great. This morning, I pulled the trigger on this year's birthday gift. A little something from to improve that number.


And, in other news
... Half marathon tomorrow. I don't really have a goal time. Last year, I set a conservative goal (for fear of not meeting it perhaps), and I ended up smashing it. I'm pretty sure a repeat 1:42 is not in the cards... but it would be nice......


PS: Kudos to Guylaine
, who will also be doing the half-marathon (for the first time) this Saturday. I set her up on a plan... and she finished it.