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The 2:30:00 Oly

It's still 6 months out, but my 'A' race next year, might be the Ottawa Riverkeeper Olympic Triathlon. I did this event a couple of years ago, as a participant (on limited fitness, instead of a racer), and had a good time.

The swim, was choppy but manageable. The bike was flat with a bit of wind. The run was flat and shady.

I'm thinking a 2:30:00 is possible.

Using the handy dandy triathlon time-management predictor calculators, it could, possibly look like this:

1500m Swim: 27:00 (1:48/100 m) ~ a little faster than before, will have to put in some effort
T1: 1:28 ~ bike shoes on the bike already
40K Bike: 1:17:17 (33.2 km/hr) ~ about 10% faster than last time; but last time I had zero bike fitness, no cervélo, and I stopped to help out at a crash
T2: 1:28 ~ remember where my gear is this time
10K Run: 47:50 (4:47 pace) ~ ouch.
Total: 2:30:03 ~ need to find 3 seconds somewhere -- dimpled wheels???