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Operation Finish Strong... Update

Some observations:

1. Christmas is coming, that means parties, that means food, that means drinks, that means reality check -- I'm officially dropping the weight challenge. (It's too hard being married to a professional chef and all).

2. The treadmill blowing up didn't help the run cause too much, but that's all fixed, so I think it's all good.

GoalStartDifferenceTo DateRemaining% CompleteNew Weekly Target to meet Goal
Swim (km)8070.39.777.42.673%1.0
Bike (km)300027552452958.741.383%15.2
Run (km)1000869.2130.8952.247.863%17.6
Weight (lbs)162166.64.6167.65.6-22%2.1

Verdict: Pick it up Princess...