The triathlon training blog of Phil Barnes

Operation Finish Strong: Done!

...well except for the weight thing.

Running Summary
Avg. MHR:152.6
Avg. AHR:141.3
Avg. Time:00:41:05
Total Time:91:04:07
Avg. Speed:10.8 KMPH
Avg. KM Pace:5:33
Avg. Dist.:7.4 KM
Total Dist.:1000.2 KM
Avg. Cal. Burned:587.7
Total Cal. Burned:79932
Biking Summary
Avg. MHR:155.9
Avg. AHR:131.2
Avg. Time:01:15:07
Total Time:111:26:46
Avg. Speed:26.1 KMPH
Avg. Mi Pace:2:17
Avg. Dist.:31.6 KM
Total Dist.:3000.7 KM
Avg. Cal. Burned:892.6
Total Cal. Burned:84797
Swimming Summary
Avg. Time:00:22:23
Total Time:04:06:17
Avg. Speed:3199.0 M/hr
Avg. 100 M Pace:01:52
Avg. Dist.:1380.7 M
Total Dist.:80081.0 M
Avg. Cal. Burned:410.2
Total Cal. Burned:23790
Total Summary
Total Time:206:37:11
Total Dist.:4081.0 KM
Cal. Burned:188519

Joyeux Noël