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Why I did not sign up for Ironman Muskoka

When this race was announced, I got all tingly. I was going to do it.

Reasons for:
1. An official MDOT branded race. From all accounts, you get what you pay for.
2. Inaugural year. A chance to be a part of the first annual something. I have a feeling this triathlon will be a big deal for a long time.
3. Race with Pros.
4. A big field. Approximately 1200 participants.
5. In Canada.

Reasons against:
1. Far from home.
2. Tourist trap - hotel extortion expected
3. Signing up for something more than a year in advance wasn't appealing - too many what ifs.

but overwhelmingly:

4. September 14, 2008 - too late in the season. I tend to peak in June/July, and toughing it out until September just doesn't jive with my lifestyle right now.

I think I'd still like to do another half. I'm thinking of a Tupper Lake re-match.