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Spinervals, sweat me a river

The new Kurt Kinetic Rock and roll trainer [we're still debating who gets the Kurt and who gets the Tacx, but for now, my bike is on the Kurt] came with a free Spinervals DVD. I've seen them before, but never felt inclined to try it. Tonight, I gave it a try.

A 30 minute TT/Aerobic threshold workout. Ouch. Essentially, 90 seconds easy [small chain ring, 15T @ 100 RPM], then 90 seconds hard [big chain ring, 15T @ 90% max effort]. Repeat. And just for fun there's a few 53x12's in there.

The Kurt comes with a decent power-meter. The hard efforts were averaging about 290W (some > 300W, some < 270W ~ ideally they should all be the same).

Afterwards, I was shaking so hard, I just wanted to curl up in a bundle and cry myself to sleep. It's an hour later right now, and a good hot shower has calmed me, but I have a feeling my legs are going to be burning tomorrow.