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Dear Asics.... thanks for the memories

It all started in 2004 with Gel 1090. In 2005, I welcomed Gel 1100. In 2006, I loathed Gel 1110, yet reveled with DS-Trainer XII. In 2007, I was ambivalent with Gel 1120.

We've had some good times, and some bad times. But through it all, I stayed loyal to the brand.

My recent discussions with a Podiatrist, indicating that I should not be wearing stability shoes, but rather neutral shoes, afforded me the opportunity to try something new.

Yesterday - a trip to the Running Room, and a blank canvas.

I tried the Nike Pegasus - A staple running shoe that has been around forever and probably will be around for ever. Not overly expensive, and often heavily discounted. Verdict: nothing special.

I also tried Saucony Trigon - A great brand, with a great reputation. Verdict: not for me.

When I slipped on the Adidas AdiStar 6's, I knew I had found my next pair of shoes. I had that rare feeling of sliding into a pair of comfortable slippers. It's the same feeling you get when you try on a pair of pants that fit just perfect.

A 20% off coupon from and it was a done deal.

I will try them out on the treadmill at lunch time.