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Big Deal. I ate candy.

My Anything Is Possible challenge ended 11 months early. I ate candy last night. Big Deal.

I lasted most of the month. I survived Hallowe'en night - alone in the house with 450 pieces of sweetness.

The truth is - there wasn't any incentive to keep going.

It wasn't really a bet. I had nothing to gain, other than to say that I did it.

The kids were begging me to have candy with them. They were desperate to share their life-experiences with me -- the enjoyment of a package of M and M's. Who am I to deny them of that.

Last night's tally:
Wonderbar, Kit Kat, Twizzlers x 2, Sweedish Berries, Sour patch kids, Nibs, Coffee Crisp, Kraft Caramel square.