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Marathon Musing

A Marathon is a long distance to run. 42.2 kilometers. wow.

The most I have ever run is half that distance. And it was a very long distance to run.

But this year, I ran a half-marathon a lot quicker than I thought (as a stand alone race); and I even ran a half-marathon, immediately following a 1.2 mile swim and 90k bike ride - I kind of remember that it hurt a bit - but I still managed it.

Is the marathon next on my "To Do" list? Not sure. But, I'm just plugging in some numbers into the McMillan Running Calculator. Basically, you put in a past performance, and based on some quasi-scientific analysis, it spits out expected times for various distances. The scary thing, is that for me, it's more or less fairly accurate - of course, I've never run the marathon, so I can't comment on its accuracy at that distance. But, it has me finishing well within 4 hours. Something that I find quite difficult to believe.

Just for kicks... here are the outputs, based on my inputs (of recent past performances) - 5K , 10K and half-marathon. The last line calculates equivalent effort times for 5K, 10K and 1/2 mary based on a 4 hour marathon. Frankly, I could comfortably achieve those times.


5K10K1/2 MarMarathon