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Anything is Possible

I try to be a good role-model to my kids.

The other day, Andrew was saying how something I asked him to do was "IMPOSSIBLE".

I replied, "Andrew, Anything is Possible"

Quickly, "No, you can't hold your breath for one-hour".


Again, he was quick with this one "And it's IMPOSSIBLE for you not to eat candy".

Damn him, he's right again. I am addicted to sweets. I can not live without candy.

But then, machismo took over my mouth, "OK," I said, "I'm up for the challenge. I will go one year without candy."

To which, the whole house erupted in laughter. Guylaine shaking her head.


1-week later... I'm holding strong. Anything is Possible.

Crap... I forgot Halloween is just around the corner. This could get ugly.